Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rose walking the Reno strip

Rose found a lucky leprechan with a pot of gold and won a little at the slots!

Reno- last day of trip

Ira and Rose @ Circus Circus entrance

Donner Lake at the end of the ski day

Ira and Diana at the top of Sugar Bowl

Last day skiing for this trip!

More Sugar Bowl

Sugar Bowl has a few surprizes!

Marv and Steve @ Sugar Bowl last day skiing

Donners Lake

Looks cold, I would hate to get stuck here.

Ira and Diana @ Donners Lake

Top of Squaw Valley view of Lake Tahoe

Marv and Diana hanging out @ North Star resort

Pizza on the plaza was great, so was the music and good friends!

Ira , Marv and Steve waiting again for Diana to take Pictures

Diana trying to capture the beauty of Lake Tahoe

Marv, Ira and Steve on top of Alpine Meadows

Here's to new and old friends. Skiing is a great way to meet new people and see new places. Thanks to Marv, we got to meet Steve and his wife Rose on this trip.

Ira and Diana on top of Alpine Meadows

See Lake Tahoe in the background. Thats where we were married a few years ago!

Ira skiing the steep @ Alpine Meadows

Ira and Marv

In lift line @ Alpine Meadows with our friend and gracious host, Marv Neuman

Ira and Diana skii's visit Lake Tahoe area March 2007

Friday, March 16, 2007

Ira and his dad- Bill


Alex playing on the computer

Mike T.

Mike is almost a member of the family. He is Jessica's Boyfriend


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Most of the Goodsmith Family- Alta January 2007

Abby, Linda, Ira, Bill and Diana

Ira and Eric @ our house

Alex skiing Regulator Johnson- Snowbird 2007

Eric skiing at Snowbird February 2007

Ira with good friend Elliot and his son Eric

Out for Mexican food together after another day Skiing

Ira, Diana and Alex

Top of snowbird Tram
February 2007